• My Services

    Pregnancy & Labor Support

    From the start of labor at home to the birth of the child, I am there for your emotional and physical support. I work with you to create your birth plan (whether you are planning a home birth with a midwife or birth in a hospital environment), and I provide support so you have the energy and mental and emotional space to carry it out.

    Post-Partum Support

    Postpartum support can include anything from helping the new Mom with breastfeeding to making sure the cupboards aren’t bare. I am able to help you form a bond with your newborn and get into a new routine by keeping your home life running smoothly. There are times when the simplest thing can get everything back on track – like getting the baby monitor set up or making sure the clothing is clean, folded and put away. You deserve the freedom to focus on your beautiful new baby.

    Support and Education for Adoptive Parents

    I am also supporting adoptive parents both domestic and international. I help with crucial purchases and choosing formulas and bottles, as well as infant care, diapering, bathing, doctor referrals and reference materials for your new baby. It is so wonderful to take new adoptive parents through the steps and then see their families grow as their children adapt and thrive in their new lives.

    Twins & Sibling Care

    In the case of sibling care, I can come with toys specifically designed to make your older child feel like a very special part of the whole exciting experience. I offer childcare assistance so the sibling can stay home, free to have special time with Mom and Dad alone as well as time with their new sibling.

    Choosing the right doula for your family is an important decision. Please call me to schedule a free consultation in your home at your convenience: (917) 445-0840 mobile ~ (626) 398-8711 local